Awnings and shading systems Chania

Sunstopper - Sifis Liodis and Emmanuel Diamantakis

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The awning and shading company Sunstopper (Sifis Liodis and Emmanuel Diamantakis) in Chania, has many years of experience in outdoor and indoor awnings. We pride ourselves on our reputation for providing high quality awnings, quality workmanship, exceptional service and professional

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Awning materials

Sunstopper uses high quality environmentally friendly dyes in their awning manufacturing. All fabric used is of exceptional good quality and weather resistant, protecting against tearing from wind and rain while having the ability to not hold onto dirt so that the colors remain vibrant even after years of use.

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Interior Shading

After years of experience in the shading of your outdoor space Sunstopper decided to expand their business to indoor shading. We provide you with shading solutions that meet the needs of your space through many shading proposals from Roller Blinds to simple Venetian blinds.

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Green awnings

…awnings that produce energy!

The first “smart fabrics” that will feed energy to households and consumers, through clothes, bags, tents, to provide autonomy to any electronic device, even in larger devices in the home will be manufactured and be available on the market within the next three years.

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