The awning and shading company Sunstopper (Sifis Liodis and Emmanuel Diamantakis) in Chania, has many years of experience in outdoor and indoor awnings. We pride ourselves on our reputation for providing high quality awnings, quality workmanship, exceptional service and professionalinstallation.

Our awning systems are supplied with a continuously advanced automatic technology designed to make your life easier. We offer advanced solutions for every professional and personal space for even the most demanding situations as our shading systems are designed to have maximum resistance to strong wind and rain.

Enhance your space with the help of Sunstopper providing you with a selection of high quality shading systems that are custom made to fit your private or professional space.

The benefits of installing a professional awning are almost limitless including protection for you and your family from harmful UV rays of the sun, heat, humidity and strong winds using Sustopper awnings.


The company already has 23 years of experience in outdoor and indoor awnings. Our company was established in 1990 by Joseph Liodi and Emmanuel Diamantakis who already had 11 years of experience in manufacturing and installing sun shading systems. Over the years they have continuously kept up to date with new technology by participating in seminars and exhibitions domestically and abroad.

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